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2010-11-21 13:39:50 by williamdickeson

Ok so I haven't really been here on Newgrounds for a few years or so but I'm back and READY TO UPLOAD!!!!! STUFF!!! So I uploaded A movie called Long Cat is Long, which is quite nice if I may say so myself, 2 very excellent artworks which I also may say so myself and two new things that will be coming soon. One will be a movie about an Ill Tempered Llama which may or may not give you a seizure and a small little game that I will hopefully complete. Check out my DP for a little taste as to what it will look like. Pretty sure nobody is reading this...... Give me a heads up if you are so I know i'm loved!!!!

Recently submitted An Elf called Yoda 2.

An Elf called Yoda 2 is here!!!!